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Southwood’s team of veterinary professionals provide our animal patients with caring, highly skilled, and efficient attention to their health care needs. From your first phone call to the completion of your visit, you will experience a staff capable of giving you their undivided attention, answering your questions completely, and working with you to give your animals and pets the high quality of medicine you desire for them.



Dr. Greg Carlson

Dr. Carlson has been practicing in the Jamestown area since 1995. He is co-owner of Southwood Veterinary Clinic, Jamestown, and Southwood Veterinary Service, Carrington. He takes great pride in continuing the tradition of quality service and veterinary care that has been a hallmark of Southwood Veterinary Clinic for 50 years. He is Southwood’s primary equine veterinarian and a mixed animal practitioner. He is a formidable presence on the rodeo circuit where he is also training in the next generation of horsemen and competitors in his 3 children. He is vice president of the James River Rodeo Committee and a supporter of local 4-H, FFA, sportsman associations, and youth rodeo. He supports the cattle industry personally by raising Longhorns.

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Dr. Melissa Schlecht

Dr. Schlecht is a Kansas State University graduate and has been practicing since 2016. She grew up in the Streeter area in North Dakota. Dr. Schlecht is a small animal practitioner who enjoys dentistry on felines and canines. During her down time she enjoys cooking, baking, working in her flower garden and spending time with family.


Dr. Debra Trnovec

Dr. Trnovec has been practicing in Jamestown since 1995 and is co-owner of Southwood Veterinary Clinic, Jamestown, and Southwood Veterinary Service, Carrington. She is primarily a small animal practitioner and has exchanged large animals for working with birds, exotic and “pocket” pets. She also manages Southwood Clinics and staff. Dr. Debra enjoys working with the James River Humane Society and area children through clinic tours and school visits. She is an active horse enthusiast, showing, training, and giving lessons for many years. She has recently taken up roping to spend more time with her husband, Dr. Greg, and their 3 children. She practices medicine almost 24/7 due to the company of 12 horses, assorted cows, calves, steers, 9 cats, 3 dogs, 2 indoor cats, and a goat.

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Dr. Taylor Storhoff 

Dr. Storhoff is a new graduate of Kansas State University. She grew up in the Nome/Valley City area of North Dakota. Dr. Storhoff is a mixed animal practitioner who predominantly enjoys large animal and small ruminants but is happy to see pets as well. She is starting her own cattle herd and is taking up roping. She enjoys being outdoors gardening, hunting, fishing and just enjoying nature.

Licensed Veterinary Technicians


Krystal Burgard

Krystal is a North Dakota native who completed her Veterinary Technician training at Globe University. She joined the Southwood team in July of 2013. While not as big as your average bear, Krystal is an amazing Technician, able to work comfortably with large or small animals. As a trained Technician, her duties include; competence in the lab, surgical nursing, monitoring anesthesia, and assisting with large animals in the clinic or field, among many other responsibilities. When she’s not running around the clinic at break-neck speed Krystal can be found curled up with her chihuahua (Chloe). We are excited to be a part of Krystal’s journey as Veterinary Technician.


Madelyn Welding

Madelyn started working for SVC in 2009 as a high school dog walker. Even as she was completing her four year degree as an LVT, she would come back and pitch in wherever we needed her. Her dedication to SVC rivaled only by her dedication to the animals she cares for. She is a born horsewoman but is equally comfortable out on cattle herd work, or in the surgery suite. It has been very satisfying to see her mature into a very competant veterinary technician.


Rachel Hastings

Rachel is a part time  Licensed Veterinary Technician and joined our staff in September of 2015. She graduated from Ridgewater College with an A.A.S. in Veterinary Technology. She also graduated from South Dakota State University with a B.S. in Animal Science Production, an Equine Science Minor, and a Business Minor. She has certifications in dog training and canine behavior. She has 4  dogs (Chloe, Libby, Rosco and Xander), 1 cat (Percy), and a turtle (Roxy). Rachel is originally from Minnesota and enjoys fishing, snowboarding, and riding horse.


 Kate Langley, Carrington Office

Kate started as a part-time LVT  and has quickly become an integral part of our Carrington clinic. She is handy in large animal and enjoys cattle work, but also has compassion and attention to detail to be very efficient in small animal outpatient and surgery. Kate calls Sheyenne home and divides her time between SVC and farming/ranching with her husband, Austin.

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Rebecca Scheen, LVT

Bio coming soon.


Macee Moser, Certified Veterinary Assistant

Macee is a 2017 highschool graduate from Jamestown High School. She was born and raised in Jamestown and is a Certified Veterinary Assistant.  Macee started with SVC in February of 2017. In her down time she enjoys spending time with fiancé and 2 children (Jamison and Kaiden).

Veterinary Assistants


Kayle Benesh

Kayle earned her Bachelors degree in both Animal and Equine sciences at NDSU. Following graduation in spring 2021, she joined the Southwood Team. Kayle has a soft spot for large animals and enjoys spending time out in the field working with livestock. Origanally from Minnesota, Kayle moved to Jamestown with her cat (Neville) and her horse (Si). When Kayle isn't at the clinic she can be found riding her horse or taking a nap!

Reception/Office Managers

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Lisa Johnson, Managerial Assistant

biography coming soon


Jamestown Office/Account Manager: Kim Syverson

Kim is our receptionist at Southwood and is the person behind the voice on the phone. She is very knowledgeable, efficient and has a great laugh. She has a big heart and will always go the extra mile to help Southwood patients feel safe and comfortable. She’s pretty good with the people too, and has been awarded the Jamestown Chamber of Commerce Customer Service Award in 2011. Kim also assists customers with account questions and helps with our many promotions. Kim keeps current on veterinary medicine with her own 3 dogs and cat. Kim is supported by her loving husband and children.


Carrington Office Manager: Karla Lura

Carrington’s Southwood Veterinary Service has been maintained and staffed as a satellite clinic by Southwood, Jamestown, since 1997. Karla Lura is our Office Manager at the Carrington clinic. Karla has lived in the Carrington area for over 40 years. She either knows you, has heard about you, or is related to you! She has successfully managed the unique needs of the Carrington clinic for 20 plus years, under 3 separate owners. Because of her close connection to the area, Karla treats Southwood clients like family, and always goes the extra mile to take care of her people and their animals. She splits time at the clinic with helping her husband, 4 grown kids, and grandchildren, (coming fast and furiously) run their family farm.