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What do I do if I have an emergency?

If you are a current Southwood client call the clinic number 701-252-3430 and it will direct you to the on call doctor's phone number.


What vaccinations does my new puppy need?

Starting at 6 weeks of age we recommend vaccinating your new puppy with  canine distemper, adenovirus type-2 (hepatitis), parainfluenzacoronavirus, and parvovirus. A booster is recommended at 9 weeks and at 12 weeks of age they will then get a Rabies vaccination and a Canine Distemper, Adenovirus (hepatitis), Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus and Lepto. These vaccinations are due annually.


What vaccinations does my new kitten need?

Starting at 6 weeks of age we recommend vaccinating your new kitten with Rhinotracheitis, Calici, Panleukopenia, Chlamydia. A booster is recommended at 9 weeks and 12 weeks of age and at this time they will also get a Rabies vaccination. These vaccinations are due annually.

What do I need to do when traveling with my pet?

We recommend to bring your pets rabies certificate and vaccination history with while traveling. If traveling by plane you will need a health certificate for your pet to travel. If you plan to travel by plane be sure to call the clinic at 701-252-3430 and we will schedule an appointment for your pet to be seen and a health certificate will be written for your travel destination.

What cattle vaccines do you carry?

We carry a variety of vaccines.

Calf Vaccine

  • Ultrabac 7 (7way)

  • Ultrabac 7/Somnus (7way with Heamophilis Somnus)

  • Covexin 8 (7way with tetnas)

  • One Shot Ultra (7way with Pasteurella)

  • Cattlemaster FP 5 (Killed viral pneumonia)

  • Bovishield 5/One Shot (Modified Live pneumonia and pasteruella)

  • Bovishield Gold 5 (Modified Live pneumonia)

Cow Vaccine

  • Cattlemaster 4VL5 (Killed anti-abortion)

  • Virashield 6LV5 (Killed anti-abortion)

  • Preguard 10 (Modified Live anti-abortion) *not recommended to use if not on the Preguard program*

  • Anthrax

  • Piliguard (pinkeye)

  • Fusoguard (foot rot)

  • Scourguard 4KC (Killed, scour protection for calf)

  • Scourbos 9 (Killed, scour protection for calf)


What paperwork does my horse need if I go to a different state?

If crossing state lines requirements are a current Coggins (Equine Infectious Anemia) within a year, health certificate and brand release, and up to date on vaccinations.


When is the best time to ultrasound cattle?

We recommend ultrasounding 90-100 days after breeding.

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