Ultrasound for Cattle and Horses

A new one is coming, let's make sure its healthy.


Ultrasound technology is a non-invasive way to examine internal structures, such as fetuses in cases of pregnancy checking, or tendon injuries and unusual masses or tumors.  Our state of the art ultrasound machine is available for in-clinic examinations and pregnancy checking or on the farm for larger herds.

The ultrasound has a monitor so the operator and client can visualize the area being ultrasounded.  A printer can also be attached for permanent documentation.  Images may be transferred to digital media.


Special needs exist for our veterinarians in setting up the ultrasound, and most locations can accommodate them with a little planning.


Horses and cattle can be ultrasounded for pregnancy. Cattle ideally should be ultrasounded about 90 days after first breeding. Horeses can be done as soon as 16 days after the last breeding.  Dr. Carlson, our Equine Practitioner, prefers to ultrasound horses in-clinic for the safety of the horses, operator, and equipment.


*Licensed Veterinary Technicians are available to assist the operator with ultrasound procedures and documentation.


If additional treatments are recommended, such as uterine infusions, artificial insemination or hormone therapy, or surgical procedures, these procedures can be completed immediately following the ultrasound exam while in the clinic.