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Surgery- From Routine to Comprehensive

If your pet is in need of surgery give our experts at Southwood Veterinary Clinic a call to learn more!



Sometimes in the life of our pets, emergencies arise that require unplanned procedures. Southwood has emergency staff on hand to provide monitoring, surgical assistance, and recovery for many obstetrical emergencies, wound treatment, and orthopedic triage (offering radiology, and emergency hospitalization).

Southwood offers a wide variety of soft tissue surgeries including routine surgeries.

  • Spay
  • Neuter
  • Declaw procedures
  • Eye, ear, and mass removal surgeries
  • *Newborn dewclaw removal and tail docks (please call for recommended ages)


  • Remember laboratory tests are available .

  • Blood chemistries, and medications available at an additional charge.

  • 4DX - Heartworm & Tick born snap test
  • Felv - Feline Leukemia
  • Blood Chemistry, Complete Blood Count
  • Thyroid Screens
  • Senior & Annual wellness


Routine surgeries are performed Monday – Friday mornings.  Appointments are required, but most appointments can be scheduled within 24-48 hours.  Southwood provides general anesthesia monitored by licensed veterinary technicians, and offers pre-anesthetic blood chemistries for every pet*.  As your pet’s comfort and safety are our first concern, pain medications are always offered and are your choice.  Many post-operative patients can go home the same day, but some procedures do require an overnight stay in order to ensure your pet’s best possible recovery.

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