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Small Animals of all types

Southwood Veterinary Clinic works with our patients to provide the best treatments for your small animal. 



Whether your visit is for a routine, planned care of your small animal or an unexpected illness, Southwood has highly trained veterinary and clerical staff whose primary concern is the well being and treatment of your pet, from the moment you walk in the door, to your after-hours visit. Give us a phone call if you have any questions!


We want your pet to have a long and healthy life with you. We feel the best way to accomplish this mutual goal if through preventative care, nutrition, life stage wellness, and regular vaccinations based on your pet’s lifestyle and needs.


We wish all our animal friends stayed healthy forever, but that is not real life. If your pet becomes sick or needs unexpected care, Southwood offers hospitalization, comprehensive in-house laboratory services including blood chemistries, cytology, fecal exams; radiology, and ultrasound for pregnancy checks as well as diagnostic procedures.



Everyone’s lifestyle is different, so Southwood works with our clients to provide the best clinic or home-based treatments for your dog or cat. We work outside the box to help you give your pet what they need, in a way your lifestyle demands.


We also offer services for your exotic and nontraditional pet, including beak and wing trims, dietary consultation on avian and reptilian pets, nail and tooth trims on rodents and rabbits, as well as routine spay/neuter surgeries for rabbits and ferrets. We also see snakes as well!

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