Large Animals

Cattle . Horses . and Beyond

Southwood Veterinary Clinic has a 50-year history of serving livestock owners in the clinic and on the farm in Jamestown surrounding areas. Give us a call today!


Southwood offers a full line of cattle vaccines and the knowledge to help you choose the best program for YOUR heard and production plan. We will gladly work with our producers to special order products to fit your unique needs.


  • Small herd routine care (pregnancy checking, vaccinations, dehorn, castrations, blood draws)

  • Hydraulic table for hoof trims and surgery

  • C-section chutes for obstetrical procedures and surgery

  • Semen testing and documentation

  • Calf scour treatment room with individual crates

  • Laboratory services / blood work for health papers and exhibition



  • Lameness, insurance, pre-purchase, and health paper examinations
  • Brand inspection, and Coggins testing for travel and competition; and assistance with DNA testing
  • Radiology for lameness and prepurchase
  • Laboratory Services – blood chemistries, cytology, fecal examination
  • Nutritional recommendations for breeding, performance, and aging horses
  • Routine castration surgery as well as many other emergency and nonemergency surgeries
    *Southwood does not perform colic surgery


As horse owners know, horses require not just good medicine, but someone comfortable working with horses.  Dr. Greg Carlson is an accomplished horseman who has competed in equestrian events for over 30 years.  He understands what horses require and what horse owners want.   Dr. Carlson has a thriving equine practice state wide that includes show horses, performance horses and rodeo horses.